About Lily

The Developer

I built my first website (‘Dream Meadows - the UK My Little Pony Pages’) in 1998, when I was, if nothing else, really ahead of the game when it came to flat black and white icons.

(There are times where I find myself ever so slightly regretting not taking advantage of the one and only time that 'Rainbows! Rainbows EVERYWHERE!' would have been a contextually appropriate design choice.)

I started work at London agency Intendance in 2012, and was rapidly promoted to Head of Support… in all likelihood because it was easier to accept my fervent passion for managing the support queue than it was to prise me off it.

To this day, my focus is very much on working directly with clients to figure out solutions, track down errant bugs, and chart a workable future for a website over the course of its lifetime. This has led me to all manner of projects, from professional services to tiny nonprofits, and from your basic standard front-end development to wrangling insanely complex multilingual informational infrastructure.

Recent work (along with a few favourite projects) can be found on my porfolio. Go on, take a peek!

The Person

When not herding pixels, I divide my time between singing (mostly folk, and mostly in my local pub), growing chillies, learning clawhammer banjo, and studying with the OU.
I also have a slight MOOC addiction - at the time of writing, I am signed up to courses ranging from ‘The Moral Foundations of Politics’ to the ‘The Behaviour of Chickens’, and goodness knows, there will be more on the list by the time you read this.

I am a lifelong South Londoner, and live in Crystal Palace with my partner, Dan, and my roborovski hamster, Rommel.

About AeolianSquee

The Name

The name AeolianSquee probably functions best as a cautionary tale regarding registering domain names at four in the morning. But beyond that…

‘Aeolian’ is both a musical mode (a type of early scale), and a word that means ‘carried on the wind’.
‘Squee’ is a noise that fangirls make when excited about something.

‘AeolianSquee’ can therefore best be interpreted as ‘a joyful squeal, carried on the wind’. Which probably sums up my online presence as well as anything.

Under The Hood

AeolianSquee.co.uk was built in ExpressionEngine, my CMS of choice.
It uses Motherplate, a responsive boilerplate designed by Lee Munroe.

The site has been hosted by Site5 for many, many years, and will remain so for as long as their support remains awesome.