The Olympic Torch comes to Crystal Palace!

Monday, 23rd July 2012

By a curious stroke of fate, my first day in my exceedingly local job coincided with the Olympic torch being carried through Crystal Palace.

By a curious stroke of damned inconvenience, I - knowing nothing of the torch's route - agonised for ages about whether to take my SLR in order to take photos of lichen* during my lunch break, but decided that I should probably turn down the weirdness on day one.


I can therefore present that ever-sought-after short-person-with-an-iPhone perspective. You won't get this sort of coverage in the Metro:

Spectators wait on Church Road for the Olympic torch to come by

Blue skies and matching cheerleaders on the Samsung bus

Good photo? No. Exciting game of spot-the-torch? Perhaps!

I must admit, the torch itself was a bit blink-and-you'll-miss-it after the veritable cavalcade of sponsor buses and police. Still, all the police bikes had little blow-up torches on the front, which was festive of them.

And camera-less grousing aside, I don't think I could have wished for - or got - a more memorable first day at work!

* I am doing a nature survey, so this isn't quite as bonkers as it might be.